Your Creative Solution


After hiking to the Washington Monument on the Appalachian Trail, we stopped in Frederick for a refreshing drink. I took some time while we were walking around to do some street photography. My goal for the hike and while photographing the everyday life of the town, was to only use my iPhone 6 plus to take and edit all of my pictures.

When people ask photographers what the best camera they use is, the answer is almost always the "the one you have with you". I decided to leave all my cameras, even the film ones, at home.

I have to admit I felt a little naked. It was strange but I enjoyed the challenge. I'm always up for learning how to get the most out of all my equipment.

I'm glad I gave it a shot, so to speak. Snapping photos on my phone allowed me to blend in and look like just another tourist.

The rules of street photography can be tricky. There is a continuing debate on eye contact in the photos you take. Some believe when the subject looks at you, you've lost your moment and the image loses its power. I'm actually on the opposite side. I tend to love those moments when my subject suddenly turns and glances at my camera because it involves the audience. It adds a more intimate feeling than obliviousness.

All the photos in this post were taken and edited with my iPhone 6 plus. The apps I used were the camera app that came with the phone, VSCO Cam, and Snapseed.